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Our projects serve all ages, from school children to teenagers and adults, through programs that create conditions that bring out the best in individuals. In addition, our legacy projects are meant to honor and safeguard the island's rich history and culture for generations to come.

North Bay Foundation, formerly known as Institute for Excellence, has deep roots in the community. The program was founded and is spearheaded by Tristan Monterroso, a native whose family has been in Roatan for generations. Together, with other local experts and the support of the ZEDE of North Bay, NBF aims to bring out and highlight the greatness of the individuals in the community and the island of Roatan a whole.

NBF is focused on creating financially sustaining projects that are profitable and directly support communities wherein NBF operates with the goal of achieving self-sufficiency, expanding its programs and opening more centers around the island to empower more individuals.



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